Following section of the SDNP Headquarters website in New York contains project documents and news updates from SDNP Pakistan.

End of Project Evaluation Report
SDNP EPE Report.pdf - 393 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Covering the whole period from the inception of the project in December 1992, to the end of its second phase in June 2001, the report succinctly captures the SDNP experience in Pakistan and analyzes its achievements and shortcomings. Has some very useful lessons for similar ventures.

Project Document II
Procdoc2.pdf - 87 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Project document for the current phase. Originally conceived for the April 1998 - March 2000 but later modified for the Oct. 1998-Sept. 2000 period.

End of Project Report
End_of_Project_Report.pdf - 62 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
End of project report for the previous phase. Issued in July 97, it adds to what was stated in 'The Way Forward' with report of the activities upto this period.

SDNP: The Way Forward
The_Way_Forward.pdf - 98 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
An important document, 'The Way Forward' combines annual report (95-96) with discussion of the future options. The latter would be useful for similar ventures in other countries.

Project Document I
Procdoc1.pdf - 89 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Project document for the Feb. 95- July 96 phase. This phase of the project was jointly funded by UNDP and IDRC and forms the basis of the networking activities that SDNP undertook.

Progress Report 94-95
Report_94-95.pdf - 91 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
SDNP Progress Report for the period Oct 1994 - Oct 1995. It was an important period for the project when it set up communications nodes in Karachi and Lahore after formally launching its services from Islamabad in July 94. Apart from the project activities, it gives a good overview of Internetworking in Pakistan during this period.

BERDNET Proposal:
Berdnet_Proposal.pdf - 100 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Proposal for the Business, Education, Research and Development Network (BERDNET), a multi-sectoral network for Pakistan. First of its kind to be proposed in Pakistan, it explores various technological options, from the capital-intensive, state of the art, online Internet to low cost, dialup, store-and-forward Internetworking technologies. It will be interesting to know that SDNP, Pakistan took the low cost, dialup UUCP option for launching its networking services, a year down the line.

Pilot Phase:
Pilot_Phase.pdf - 305 KB Adobe Acrobat Document
The report of SDNP's pilot phase (Dec. '92 - Jun. 1993) which gives a good introduction and background to the project. But the following sections would be especially interesting and useful:

  • A multi-sectoral, user-need survey for information and networking services.
  • A survey/listing of electronic networks and services.
  • Proposal for the Business, Education, Research and Development Network (BERDNET) project.
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