Pakistan Development Gateway (PDG):
The Pakistan Development Gateway (PDG) is the most comprehensive knowledge based website pertaining to the development sector in Pakistan. Categories include advocacy; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; area development; communication and information; culture; development administration; economic development; education; energy; environment; gender; governance; health; human resource development; humanitarian assistance, relief and disaster management; human settlements; industry; knowledge management; natural resources; political affairs; population; poverty alleviation; science and technology; social development; trade and development and transportation.

Pakistan Development Gateway in Urdu:
Completely developed in Urdu, the Pakistan Development Gateway in Urdu is a portal for development information and news related to Pakistan. National information resources are described under different development categories. Urdu publications, links and discussion forums on wide-ranging development topics are also available online. A downloadable Urdu font is required to view this website.


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