SDNP has set up and is maintaining a number of comprehensive websites on issues related to biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development, with a focus on information management. Apart from PDG, a few examples are listed below:

Education for Environment & Biodiversity of Pakistan:
This website has extremely rich and in-depth content pertaining to different environmental issues like biodiversity, conservation and related areas. It has two separate corners. One is for the teachers, so that they can raise environmental awareness among the students. The kids' corner is especially designed to catch the imagination of the children.

Balochistan Conservation Strategy (BCS):
The Balochistan Conservation Strategy (BCS) was prepared by the government of Balochistan with the technical assistance of IUCN - The World Conservation Union. It is a strategic plan designed to define and address the issues affecting the socio-economic development of Balochistan, through the sustainable use of its natural resources. The BCS aims to devise ways and means to weave environment and natural resource conservation with development and to recommend an institutional framework that will bring ownership, sustainability and efficiency in management of these vital endowments. The BCS focuses on an action programme to be implemented over the next 10 years. The report has three parts, and all twenty-three chapters, together with twelve maps and seven appendices, can be downloaded from this website

Sarhad Provincial Conservation Strategy (SPCS):
The Sarhad Provincial Conservation Strategy (SPCS) 1995-98 is  a statement of commitment by the government and people of the NWFP to move forward with an effective programme of sustainable development. It is the principal plan for implementing the National Conservation Strategy (NCS) in the NWFP. It is both a comprehensive statement of provincial aspirations for sustainable development and a commitment package containing major policy statements, law-reform initiatives, structural improvements and programmes. Special features of this information rich website include a downloadable newsletter, an Urdu and Pushto languages section; a kids' corner to make children environmentally aware through articles and quizzes. The complete text containing the 18 chapters of the SPCS document is available on this site.

Chitral Conservation Strategy (CCS):
Initiated in 1997, the Chitral Conservation Strategy (CCS) is an
initiative for harnessing and improving the capabilities of the people and institutions in Chitral, in the pursuit of enhancing their
livelihoods and quality of life through the optimum use of natural
resources; while continually improving their productivity within a
decentralized system of development planning. Stakeholders involved in discussions include the government of NWFP, civil society, academia, media, public sector, NGOs and private sector. Downloadable studies include indigenous resource management; aquatic biodiversity; and migratory livestock. Sector papers on this site cover agriculture; biodiversity; cultural heritage and ecotourism; human resources; infrastructure; energy; irrigation; forests and grazing lands; drinking water and solid waste management. An Urdu section, information about the
Sarhad Provincial Conservation Strategy (SPCS) and related links are available on this site.

Asia Regional Directorate, IUCN:
This website of IUCN - the World Conservation Union provides details of its programmes in each country, including Pakistan. Regional programmes regarding aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity, environmental assessment, and forests make for fascinating reading. It is planned to be converted into a portal for the Asia region.

Drought Situation in Pakistan:
Pakistan has been facing acute drought conditions in certain areas of Sindh and most of Balochistan. This website links together the relief activities of donors, government and civil society organizations so as to create a synergy of humanitarian help which is immensely required in the drought stricken areas. News items and articles on the drought situation appearing in the Pakistani press are also being archived on this site making it an excellent repository for information on this critical subject.

World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD):
The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) was attended by world governments, concerned citizens, United Nations agencies, multilateral financial institutions and other major actors from August 24 - September 4, 2002, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The major purpose of WSSD was to assess global change since the historic United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), of 1992. This website outlines the consultative process which took place in Pakistan, critical consultation reports, downloadable presentations and documents, related links and relevant contact information.

Disaster Relief Website:

This website showcases daily news updates, photographs, of the Northern Areas' earthquake-stricken victims and pakistan's efforts to provide aid to them. The latest reports and situational analysis available on other national and international disaster relief management websites, and contact information for donations are also available online.

Information Resource Centre for IUCN Pakistan on Intranet (IUCN staff members only):
Information Resource Centre for IUCN Pakistan on Intranet: IUCN Pakistan’s Information Resource Centre (IRC) has been made available on the organizational intranet through the efforts of SDNP. The database contains info on the rich collection (around 8000) of technical and general publications present in the IUCN’s IRC. The Online Resource Centre allows users to look through the vast collection of material present in the IUCN IRC and also request for required info/publication online.                  

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