Information and Communication Technologies in Schools: A Handbook for Teachers on How ICT Can Create New, Open Learning

UNESCO has launched a handbook for Teachers on how ICT can create new, Open Learning Environments for students. This hand book is basically designed for teachers and all educators who are working with information communication technologies in schools. This handbook is about teaching and learning with ICTs. Information and Communication Technologies are already playing a major role in transforming the economies of the nations similarly they have the potential to make an impact on the school life of students as well as teachers.

A major theme of this handbook is how ICT can create new, open learning environments. More than any other previous technology, ICT are providing learners access to vast stores of knowledge beyond the school, as well as with multimedia tools to add to this store of knowledge. ICT are largely instrumental, too, in shifting the emphasis in learning environments from teacher-centered to learner-centered, where teachers move from being the key source of information and transmitter of knowledge to becoming guides for student learning; and where the role of students changes from one of passively receiving information to being actively involved in their own learning.

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