The Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) Pakistan is a part of the Education, Communication and Knowledge Management Group of IUCN - The World Conservation Union's Pakistan Programme. Formerly a global programme of UNDP, SDNP has been working since 1992 to promote access to information on sustainable human development among different sectors of society. It has been the pioneer of email and offline Internet in Pakistan, but lately its focus has been on developing knowledge management systems to strengthen development information
services in Pakistan.

Apart from launching the Pakistan Development Gateway (PDG), SDNP has trained more than 260 organizations from the development sector to set up, maintain and update their websites, contributing significantly to the local content about Pakistan on the Web. This training in Web
publishing has also been conducted in Urdu and Sindhi. More than 160 information rich Pakistani websites - related to both Government and NGO sectors - have been set up as a result of this activity. Other initiatives undertaken by SDNP include the creation of district websites and cyber community centres, promotion of open software like Linux, special training for women in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), work on District Management Information System (DMIS), and research regarding the effectiveness of ICTs on learning of the deaf.

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