Cyber Community Centres (CCCs)

SDNP has been working towards innovative and meaningful use of ICTs for development. Towards that end, it has come up with a model for using ICTs in Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) in Pakistan which has been presented to the various RSPs working in the country. As a working model, it has helped selected grass-root organizations to set up pilot Cyber Community Centres (CCCs) in Gwadar (Balochistan), Mithi (Tharparkar, Sindh) and Usterzai Payan (Kohat, NWFP). SDNP is planning to expand the sphere of this activity by initiating a full fledged project on Cyber Community Centres in Pakistan.

Researching effects of ICTs on learning of the deaf

SDNP is presently working in collaboration with Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD - a leading deaf association in Pakistan), under the Asia Pacific Development Information Programme's (APDIP) ICTs R&D grant to research the effectiveness of ICTs on learning of the deaf.

This challenging theoretical and practical study focuses on devising workable and replicable learning solutions for the deaf of Pakistan. SDNP-IUCN will publish the standardized environmental and other sign language symbols (alphabets, grammar, traffic, general dictionary words) developed by PAD, using online (web) and offline (CD-ROM) technologies. The CD-ROM product will comprise lesson plans/assessment tests graphically illustrated through Pakistani Sign Language. Selected data sets from the exercises will be made available online on Internet as
freeware for easy downloads by the deaf community.

If successful in its objectives and impact, the product can be widely adapted across the country with the aim of greater development and integration of the deaf of Pakistan into the society as contributing members of the community. As a whole, promoting Pakistani Sign Language aims to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds and more broadly intends to bring closer the users of Urdu language in more than 20 countries.

Education for Environment and Biodiversity of Pakistan

As a part of IUCN Pakistan Programme's Education, Communication and Knowledge Management Group, SDNP has set up and is maintaining a comprehensive website on issues related to biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development, with a focus on information management.

IUCN Pakistan's education unit is committed to raising the awareness of the broader community about environmental issues and motivating all sectors of society to make commitments to sustainable practices. The site has rich and in-depth content pertaining to different environmental
issues like biodiversity, conservation efforts and various technical research papers. It has two separate sections. One is for teachers, so that they can raise environmental awareness among the students. The other one is meant for kids, the content of which is very simple and easy to understand. A unique feature of this website is an Urdu section on environmental issues for children.

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