SDNP is in the process of supporting the Bureaus of Statistics of Sindh and NWFP, and the Planning and Development Department of Balochistan. In this regard, following websites have been developed

Sindh Bureau of Statistics:
The Bureau of Statistics has been releasing Development Statistics of Sindh since 1971. The latest available editions of all major publications of the bureau including socio-economic indicators and district profiles of the province are available on the website.

Bureau of Statistics, Government of NWFP:
This website of the Bureau of Statistics contains the district-wise statistical analysis of NWFP, searchable by its 24 districts and graphical presentation. Categories include education; electricity; employment; health; industries; irrigated and forest areas; land utilization; yield per hectare; population; roads; post offices; rural drinking water and telephones. Online publications include the development statistics and district-wise socio-economic indicators of NWFP and FATA. A map of NWFP; the organizational setup of the Bureau of Statistics, its publications, contact information and related links are also available on this well-designed site.

Balochistan Districts Database (BDD):
This website contains comprehensive information on the twenty six districts in the Balochistan province. The information goes beyond mere statistics to cover more than 50 categories such as administrative division, agriculture, energy, finance, climate, health, and population etc.

Development Statistics of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA):
This website comes under the aegis of the Bureau of Statistics,
Planning, Environment & Development Department, Government of NWFP. It contains important agency-wise socio-economic indicators of FATA; a regular publication containing interesting and important statistics related to agencies and frontier regions. The purpose is to help planners, economists and administrators in planning, monitoring and evaluating progress in the region. Statistical abstracts are available on area and population; agriculture; crops production; education; health; transport and communication. This site is a large repository of information regarding FATA's population, housing, public finance, agriculture, industries, education and health.


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